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Find all kinds of auxiliary furniture and products to decorate your home, office or company at a good price. Discover among our wide variety of desks, auxiliary tables, modular, auxiliary carts, shelves, chairs, shoe shelves, armchairs, stools, garden furniture, entrance tables and chests of drawers.

High quality products to achieve durability and comfort in your home, workplace and business at a very competitive price.


  • Desks
    <p>In this section you can buy desks for your home, office or business with excellent value for money.</p>
  • Side tables
    <p>Side tables</p>
  • Shelves
    <p>Wide range of shelves with shelves made of metal, wood and glass so you can find your ideal product and that fits in with your home or workplace. Buy sturdy and stable shelves at a good price.</p>
  • Shoe shelves
    <p>Say goodbye to the mess! We present our range of shoe shelves so that you have your shoes tidy and allow you to save space in your home.</p>
  • Entrance tables and chests of drawers
    <p>Are you looking for hall furniture for the entrance of your house? Or maybe you need chests of drawers or drawers to keep your home tidy and clean?</p> <p>We present a selection of modern, rustic and vintage furniture, with or without drawers, in different models and formats.</p>
  • Partition screens
    <p>Partition screens</p>
  • Garden and Terrace
    <p>The moment has come when you can start enjoying the outdoor space of your home. Find and buy among our different models of furniture for the garden.</p>
  • Stools and footrests
    <p>You get home, you are tired and you need to sit and rest. Footrests and stools are perfect for supporting your feet, sitting down and relaxing.</p>
  • Armchairs and Benches
    <p>How important are the armchairs and benches in our house. They allow us to decorate a space where we can rest, read a book or simply disconnect. We present a collection of armchairs and benches with different styles so you can find the one that best fits your home.</p>
  • Auxiliary kitchen furniture
    <p>Auxiliary kitchen furniture.</p>
  • Tables and kitchen sets
    <p>Tables and kitchen sets.</p>
  • Auxiliary bathroom furniture
    <p>Auxiliary bathroom furniture.</p>
  • Chairs and Armchairs
    <p>Chairs and Armchairs.</p>

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