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  • Catering Serving Trolleys
    <p>High quality catering Service Carts</p>
  • Trolleys for Transport
    <p>Trolleys for Transport</p>
  • Cleaning Trolleys
    <p>Cleaning Trolleys</p>
  • Luggage carrier or suitcase carrer
    <p>Do you have a firm or a business where you need to transport luggage or suitcases? We present you with an assortment of resistant carts, elegant and easy to manage. Ideal for the transport of luggage or suitcases at hotels or airports.</p>
  • Recycling containers
    <p>Wastepaper baskets, Metal wastepaper baskets, Metal wastepaper baskets for recycling, wastebasket made of perforated sheet, Pedal bin, Recycling Container, Outdoor bins, waste bins for interior, Wastepaper baskets in stainless steel, Metall wastepaper basket-ashtray, astrays</p>
  • Wet Floor Signs
    <p>Avoid accidents after scrubbing by placing this wet floor caution sign. Ideal for small and large surfaces, offices, hotels, restaurants, shops, shopping centers and all types of businesses.</p>
  • Gel and soap dispensers
    <p>We present to you a collection of products that we manufacture and distribute, useful for protection against COVID-19 coronavirus disease. Here you will find articles for prevention, protection and hygiene.</p>

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