Find the ideal furniture for your bathroom at the best price. You will find all kinds of auxiliary furniture, accessories and waste paper baskets for your bathroom.


  • Stools
    <p>Need a little break in the bathroom? Stools for the bathroom designed to offer you a break at the best price.</p>
  • Bathroom furniture
    <p>Keep your bathroom clean and tidy with our auxiliary furniture for sinks. Your ideal furniture at very affordable prices. We have different models so you can find the one that best suits your bathroom.</p>
  • Roll holders and towel holders
    <p>Have everything at hand without it taking up much space. Surely, among the different models of roll and towel holders with original and practical designs, you will find the one that best suits your bathroom.</p>
  • Toiletbrushholders
  • Paper dispensers
    <p>Find all kinds of toilet paper dispensers for your home, company or business. Different models, for rolls, reels, toilet paper of one or several rolls.</p>
  • Waste paper baskets for bathrooms
    <p>Are you looking for a bucket or waste paper bin that suits your bathroom? We have different models so that you can find yours. Different capacity stainless steel bins with buckets inside, plastic bins with tilting lid, bins that will allow you to isolate odors and have your bathroom clean.</p>
  • Bath rugs
    <p>Discover comfort and style for your home with our collection of bath rugs. In our online store, you'll find a wide range of modern and classic designs. Explore our selection and find a bath rug that perfectly complements your decor</p>
  • Floor-standing Bathroom Mirrors
    <p>Discover a wide range of stylish and functional designs on our online store. From modern bathroom mirrors to classic options, find the perfect mirror that suits your daily needs while transforming your personal care routine.</p>
  • Baskets and bags for laundry
    <p>Discover the perfect solution to keep your clothes organized and your space impeccable with our collection of baskets and laundry bags. Explore our online store and choose from a variety of styles and sizes designed to fit your needs. From stylish storage baskets to practical laundry bags, our range offers quality and functionality.</p>

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